I’m Kelly. I love to write about my Christian faith, books, current culture, and the wonders of home.

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Be a Plodder

(Republished. Originally shared in January, 2016) The other day I was listening to a podcast about home education, a decision in life which requires more than a little long-term perspective.…

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Cosmo Kramer, Nine Months Along

(This was originally published ten years ago on my “mommy blog” — remember those? I thought I’d revive it in honor of the child in question’s eighteenth birthday.) Today is…

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I’ve lived in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, and finally settled down in North Carolina over a decade ago. I’ve “mostly-raised” five kids (four boys, one girl) alongside my husband. We homeschooled most of the way. I’m an amateur gardener, avid reader, decent cook, and veteran church member.

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