Etsy Roundup

Since news sources keep telling us all that the supply chain issues will be an…issue this year, it’s a perfect time to buy from independent artists. Please understand: I have bought one gift so far this year. But maybe this post will inspire me to get going. I hope it does the same for you.

Here’s a list of some of my recent favorite Etsy shops; some of these merchants I know, some I do not. Most of them have notices in their shop about shipping dates for Christmas. Happy giving!

Word Art

One of my favorite new pieces for our home came from LeafBySquiggle: this print of the women in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus. Having them out at Christmastime is my way of saying, “sorry for all the ways Bible teachers said bonkers things about you all those times.”

MarcieMason has the CUTEST collection of “You’ve Got Mail” items, which I realize is a very specific set of gifts, but if you’re my friend, we might have this movie in common.

I recently bought my first Charlotte map from Native Maps, because it was the first one I found that actually had our neighborhood on it. Usually, our neck of the woods is too “fringey” for Charlotte maps. Anyway, they have lots of major cities and look great framed.

Well-Told has drinkware with maps, quotations, and bookish things. You can even buy a pint glass with the Prohibition bill on it if that’s your thing.

Literary Gifts

This category is for those of you who would enjoy giving or receiving a t-shirt that says “unsociable and taciturn.” Come on, that’s funny.

Ellie Dashwood

Pixie Hallows

Lit and Whimsy


People I know IN REAL LIFE*

Sierra’s Stitching: Sierra does adorable needlepoint designs.

Eddy Efaw: Efaw Potter of The Green Ember series, Eddy makes beautiful pottery.

Growley Leather: Brian and Kelly (and their daughters) do wondrous work with leather. If you’ve seen/smelled my Rabbit Room notebook, you know their work.

Joe Sutphin: Joe illustrated The Wingfeather Saga. He has some book-related pieces in his shop, as well as other things. This bookmark is a favorite.

*I have purchased things from all of these humans. 

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