Efficiency Isn’t Fruitfulness

Just as the road to hell is marked by a series of little turnings, a gradual descent, the road to sanctification is marked by a series of little uphill battles, a little endurance, and the occasional battle won. It is not the fast-track version of efficiency that the world, as well as many in the church, want to sell you.

Time, Routines, and Interruptions that Aren’t

Whether you are a Christian parent trying to juggle the stay-at-home parenting life; managing a hectic job; holding down commitments to community, church, and family; or a combination of any of those, managing time is a constant struggle. While we want to be good stewards of the time God has given us, we can fall … Continue reading Time, Routines, and Interruptions that Aren’t

The Unexpected Winners of 2020

Well. We made it out of 2020. Or at least some of us did. I wish we had more people with us. Here are some things that I recommend based on my last year of life. Some of them might make your life better, depending on who you are. The Ordinary skincare line: I actually … Continue reading The Unexpected Winners of 2020

For New Homeschoolers: Scheduling Your Year

Hi friends. I don’t know if this will turn into an official series for you, but I wanted to do another round of advice to those of you who might be wandering into homeschooling for the first time. This time, let’s talk about what you should consider with schedules and your school’s calendar. Check your … Continue reading For New Homeschoolers: Scheduling Your Year

Resolutions for the Remainder

I began this year dreading another election year on social media. Last time around, I saw things reach such a pitch and pace that I couldn’t really hear much by the time November arrived. I have a few friends who have good, reasonable conversations on social media, but most of the talk seemed like furious … Continue reading Resolutions for the Remainder

Babe Ruth Goes Hunting

One Friday night in November, a shiny black car with New York plates pulled up in front of the Big House on Dawson Road. Four men got out. They were wearing expensive suits topped by long wool coats, and each sported a fedora. As the cases were pulled out and brought up the narrow cement … Continue reading Babe Ruth Goes Hunting

Help for Parents Who Are Suddenly Homeschooling (against their wills)

Hi friends! All week long I’ve been joking that I ought to open a Remote Quarantine Consulting Business because I’ve homeschooled for thirteen years. However, since schools are now closing right and left, here is some of my best advice for free. Be kind, be wise and be well in these uncertain days. Time management: … Continue reading Help for Parents Who Are Suddenly Homeschooling (against their wills)